Diane Trayah
Area Captain for Worcester county

  I have been a member of TOPS for over 16 years in three different chapters. I have had many duties in these chapters including secretary, co-leader and currently the leader in MA 478 Tewksbury. I have worked on many SRD's and recently chaired the 2012 SRD. I am the new Area Captain for the Middlesex county effective September 2012. I will be serving 15 chapters and hopefully more by the end of the year. I recently transferred from being AC of Worcester County to Middlesex to be closer to home and family. Middlesex will be a challenge for me but I look forward to the opportunity in meeting new TOPS members. I will miss all the friends I have made in the Worcester area but certainly see them from time to time. I will still try to bring great enthusiasm and creativity to my new area and will love to promote the word of TOPS where ever I go.