Rosemary (Rosie) Smith
State Coordinator for Massachusetts

     "I've been a devoted TOPS member since 1967, and all my TOPS friends call me Rosie," writes Rosemary Smith, new Coordinator for the entire state of Massachusetts.

    In June 1985, Rosie became a charter member of TOPS MA 0327 Bur­lington, where she is still a "very active" member and has held most chapter officer positions. She became Area Captain of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, in June 1994. 'I've enjoyed the past 16 years visiting chapters and feeling the warmth and friendship from all TOPS members," she states.

    A proud Century Award winner, Rosie says, "It took me 34 years to lose 111 pounds. Never give up, and believe in yourself!”

    Rosie and her husband, David, celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary this year(2010). They have a daughter, Laura, and two granddaughters. "Our son, Bob, passed way in 2006," Rosie adds. "He is the angel on my shoulder and forever in my heart.”