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Fall Rally 2012


Saturday, November 10th at the beautiful
Westford Regency Inn & Conference Center in Westford.

 Camp Ya-Gotta_Wanna counselor

    Calling all TOPS & KOPS!!!    “CAMP YOU GOTTAWANNA” has opened up the membership and wants to invite YOU to attend a DAY at CAMP and be part of the Awards Ceremonies!

I can assure you that you WILL have a FUN, yet, INSPIRATIONAL day at CAMP YOUGOTTAWANNA!

 There are some new ideas in the way Award Presentations are to be made, we have lined up a Guest Speaker and our CAMP COUNSELORS ( rally chairmen) are happily awaiting your arrival!!

Your registration includes:  a “delicious lunch” (the kind of Camp Food you get only on PARENT’s visiting DAY), plus, all the “belly laughs” you can handle!!

I suggest your Chapter get in the spirit, perhaps by designing your own chapter CAMPER T-SHIRT to wear for the day (a limited number of shirts will be available for sale at the TOPS Sales & Souvenir shop at Rally), or, perhaps   VISORS  with your chapter # (see Oriental Trading website). “Camp Casual” is the dress code for all levels!!

Have an open mind and plan to spend time with us while; Swimming, Sports Activities, Drama/Theater, Campfire Songs and OF COURSE, “CRAFTS”, with Rosie & Barbara!!

I am also looking for a couple of GREAT “CAMPING” themed skits. Email me an outline of your skit, including timing, and let’s have some fun!

**(Remember, your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is OPEN (to new ideas)**

See you November 10, 2012…. YOU KNOW YOU GOTTAWANNA BE THERE!!!

CAMP DIRECTOR, LEE ALLEN                 tel: 617-584-4710

email: CALLEN138@AOL.COM