In Memoriam


Tribute to Kevin – Fall Rally – October 5, 2013 (read by Gail Lewis)

I'm here today to pay tribute to someone who will always be remembered in our TOPS world.

Our State King for 2012, Kevin Davieau, was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure near the end of July this past summer.  He was under Doctors orders to reduce his exercise and take medication to help his heart operate properly.  Kevin did what he was asked to do but the damage had already been done – he passed away on Friday, September 20th at the age of 49.

Here are the facts that I know about Kevin.....
Kevin was the son of Arthur and Evelyn and the brother of Paul and Lisa.
He was the loving husband of Karen and the proud father of Heather, Kevin Jr. and Courtney.
Kevin was a grandfather as well to Alexander and Amalia.
He was employed by the United State Postal Service and Papa Ginos.
Kevin was a member of TOPS MA 240 in Abington and the 2012 Chapter and State King in TOPS with a weight loss of 100 pounds.  

Above all, he was a friend to so many and an inspiration to everyone he met.