Newsletter - May 2012 for Barnstable & Plymouth Counties

Area Captains Newsletter May 2012 for Barnstable & Plymouth Counties

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It's a petition to have chocolate reclassified a vegetable


Hope all is well with everyone. By now your chapter should have elected and installed their new officers or in some cases the "old officers". If your chapter has not sent in the L-001 officers chart and or the maintenance fee please do so immediately. Any questions ...please call


I want to thank those of you who attended our IW on Saturday April 21st. We had 100 people.  As long as you keep coming Gail and I will be there.

 Next event is SATURDAY MAY 12, 2012. A walk along  the Cape Cod Canal. There will be a registration table and water. Directions from the north are: Route 3 take exit 1A before the bridge down ramp left side, first set of lights take a left, next set of lights take a right, follow road past Friendly's to Sagamore Recreation area. If the paved parking lot is full go to the next opening there is parking on the lawn.

Coming down Route 495 to 25 take exit 3 route 6 (Bourne, Hyannis) (Follow signs that say Sagamore Bridge) halfway around rotary you will now be on Scenic Highway  (which runs along the canal). Follow signs that say Scusset Beach 3 North. Intersection before Dunkin Donuts take a right at the lights follow road past Friendly's to Sagamore Recreation area. If the paved parking lot is full go to the next opening there is parking on the lawn.


I would like of all you who have access to a computer.... go to This is a new MA website created by Dave Lavigne from 485 Chicopee.  Lots of information and a  great way to stay in touch for upcoming events and TOPS news.  Thanks Dave for a job well done and much appreciated.


As always, send me any chapters news, recipes, contests, that you would like to share with other chapters. We are all in TOPS for the same reason to support and encourage our fellow members as we take and keep off pounds sensibly.


THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH:  The life you live... is the lesson you teach


I would like to share an article that I recently read by Caryn Welz-Ritchie.  Read this to your members and when you are through ask them what their thoughts are. Are you

headed in the right direction to reach your weight loss goal?

As I was doling out my morning pills, a task that increases in time every year, I dropped one of the pills on the floor. I stepped back to find it and realized that as in life, sometimes you need to step back and look at the larger picture to find what you are looking for. It  is very easy to get bogged down in the small details  of our daily lives. When this happens you lose sight of your true goals. I encourage everyone to live each day in the present but also have at least year goal and one...  five -year goal. How do you know where you are heading or when you have gotten there if you don't have anything in mind?


Time seems to pass so quickly that months and sometimes years are wasted floundering because you don't have a plan. Saying I will get to it  soon isn't really a plan. Goals don't have to be huge; they just  need to be something you want to accomplish. The goal can be as simple as adding more vegetables to your diet or as complicated as planning your retirement. The key is to be  able to plan while also living your current life. What helps me plan is visualization and motivation. I visualize what I want to make happen and then I research as much as I can about how to achieve that. Research can be merely talking to your friends and family about their ideas.


First, take a  step  and figure out the purpose of your goal. Enlist the help of others to support you in achieving it. Write down the path you want to take and any obstacles you might face. Always leave room for additional obstacles. Set aside a time every day or every week to review your progress. You need to keep your goal current and alive in your mind, but you do not want to obsess about it so that you are not living and enjoying each present day. In order for us to grow, our goals need to constantly change and adjust. Deciding when the right time to pursue a goal is very important. Goals keep us focused in life. They force us to look at our past and use those experiences to learn from. They take our present circumstances and use them as building blocks and they help us to dream about what we want for our future. It  really is up to us to make our life all we want it  to be.


 You can use the following article for a program

Find out which healthy-sounding foods aren't actually good for your health.

Many foods sound healthier than they really are. You can avoid being fooled by health halos if you know what to look for. Here are some of the worst offenders for "healthy" foods that really aren't.


Energy bars usually contain protein and fiber—nutrients that help you feel full—but also may be loaded with calories. That’s fine if you occasionally make one a meal, but most of us eat them as snacks. You might as well enjoy a Snickers, which at 280 calories is in the same range as many energy bars.

LESSON LEARNED: If you need something to tide you over until dinner, look for a
calorie-controlled bar with about 5 grams of protein (e.g., Balance 100-calorie bar, Promax 70-calorie bar).



Granola sounds healthy. But it’s often high in fat, sugar and calories. Don’t be fooled by a seemingly reasonable calorie count; portion sizes are usually a skimpy 1⁄4 or 1⁄2 cup. Low-fat versions often just swap sugar for fat and pack as many calories as regular versions.

LESSON LEARNED: Read granola labels carefully and stick with recommended portion sizes (which are teeny), perhaps as a topping on fruit or yogurt.



“Salads trip up many of my clients,” says my friend Anne Daly, R.D., director of nutrition and diabetes education at the Springfield Diabetes & Endocrine Center in Springfield, Illinois. Most of us could use more vegetables—so what’s not to love? In a word, toppings. The pecans and Gorgonzola cheese on Panera Bread’s Fuji Apple Chicken Salad (580 calories, 30 grams fat, 7 grams saturated fat) propel it into double-cheeseburger territory. A McDonald’s double cheeseburger has 440 calories, 23 grams fat, 11 grams saturated fat.

: Before ordering a salad, check its
nutrition information plus that of the dressing and all add-ons (often, they’re listed separately).



Smoothies may seem like a tasty way to help get your recommended fruit servings—but studies show that beverages are less filling per calorie than solid foods. And added sugars can make some the equivalent of drinking fruit pie filling: the smallest (16-ounce) serving of Jamba Juice’s Orange Dream Machine weighs in at 340 calories, with 69 grams of sugars that don’t all come from orange juice. You’re better off with fresh-squeezed juices; orange juice has 110 calories per cup.

smoothies pack as many calories as a milkshake. Look for those made with whole fruit, low-fat yogurt and no added sugars.



Yogurt is a great way to meet your calcium needs, but not all are created equally. Some premium whole-milk yogurts can give you a hefty dose of saturated fat. Shop around: many low-fat versions of these products are every bit as creamy. Enjoy a fruit-flavored low-fat yogurt, but understand that the “fruit” is really jam (i.e., mostly sugar). Or opt for low-fat plain and stir in fresh fruit or other sweetener to suit your taste; you’ll probably use less. My favorite, a tablespoon of Vermont maple syrup (52 calories), provides all the sweetness I need.

LESSON LEARNED: Although they are still good sources of calcium, some yogurts can be closer to dessert than to a
healthy snack. Don’t let fat and added sugars spoil a good thing.