Newsletter - August 2013 for Barnstable & Plymouth Counties

Barbara Pacheco...7 Autumn Way Bourne, MA... 508-833-8805

Hope you all are enjoying the summer. Cook-outs, ice cream, temptation lies around every corner. Remember everything in moderation. Don’t give up your favorite foods just cut back…remember the first bite is always the best. You can get back on track quickly……. everyday is a new start.

Fall Rally will be here soon. Have a fundraiser in your chapter to help defray the cost for members who wish to attend. All the information was mailed to the leaders and you can also go to: It is a one day event but those who wish to go on Friday and stay over the room price is $89.00. Ron Azzu our newest Area Captain is the chairperson. A few more weeks before the summer contests end.

                                                              PEACE, LOVE & TOPS

Saturday, October 5th at the beautiful
Four Points by Sheraton
99 Erdman Way
Leominster, MA  01453

I heard from a couple of chapters interested in an officers workshop. Please let me know so Gail can make the arrangements. It will only be 2 – 3 hours.

The next Inspiration Workshop will be November 2, 2013 in Duxbury. Wavering Wanda and Sensible Samantha are working on the details.

Our runner-up State Queen Debbie Hymon from 256 Brockton was recently operated on for a cancerous brain tumor. She will be having radiation soon. Please keep her in your prayers. Deb Hymon, 45 Bell Rock Avenue, Brockton, MA 02302

Thought for the month: It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

Program:  Get your members involved have them comment and add their reasons for wanting to lose weight.

ReFocus   by Marji Clark

WHY?  WHY BOTHER?  WHY NOT JUST GIVE UP?  Don’t you feel that way sometimes?  I am going to quit.  Nobody else in the whole, whole entire world knows how hard it is – just me.  I’ve put on a lot of weight…I may as well just give up.  It is just not worth it.  Having a binge pity-party (no invitation necessary)…just too hard to get the weight off, keep the weight off and I’ll just put it back on anyway.  Why bother to eat right?  Why bother to exercise?  Why bother to try to find the time to go to meetings – I am too busy, I have other things to do, I’d rather stay home?  It is like way, way, way too much bother!                    Like I said WHY BOTHER?

I’ll tell you WHY (it is crucial to) BOTHER…not necessarily in order of importance…

1.     Feel better
2.     Look better
3.     Mentally feel better
4.     “Things” work better
5.     Healthier on the inside
6.     Decreasing likelihood of developing some conditions (high blood pressure,   diabetes, joint problems)
7.     Decreasing likelihood of needing medical devices (canes, walkers,  wheelchairs)
8.     Fitting into airplane seats
9.     Fitting into chairs with arms
10.  Fitting into tiny cars
11.  Not feel like people are staring at you and making comments (heard,  unheard, imagined, real)
12.  Being there for those people who need you
13.  Enjoying the people who you love
14.  Bending, reaching, hugging, stretching, lifting
15.  Clothes fit better
16.  Feel in control
17.  Feel successful
18.  Living longer
19.  Living happier
20.  Living healthier
21.  Living!

Why bother – because your life depends on it!  So when someone asks you to do something for them, and you are able to because you have taken care of your health, you can say – really it was no BOTHER at all!

Have a super week!

Sensible Samantha AKA Barbara

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