Newsletter - Feb 2013 for Middlesex County

Area Captains Newsletter  February  2013 for Middlesex County

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Hi Leaders,

All the resumes in the Middlesex County were submitted on time all reflected in the MASS totals. Any resumes that were not received by Rosie by the 10th were not calculated in the totals and therefore were not sent to the higher ups as possible State winners. Thanks to all the weight recorders, assistants and leaders who dedicated their time in preparing them. There were a lot of mistakes on both TOPS and KOPS charts. I fixed what I saw as possible errors and then Rosie also double checked my work.
Common errors: not converting the first and last weights from digital to fractional, general addition or subtraction on pounds lost or gained, members who had less than a 10 pound loss, are not to be recorded on the resume, members who had more than 4 unexcused absences or had no December weigh-in are all disqualified at State levels.
KOPS Weight Charts need to have each line filled out every year.  Make sure that KOPS Registrations L- 0014 are filled out and sent with goal Slips for NEW KOPS and Goal Slips for KOPS who change their Goal Weight and send to Rosemary along with a $4.00 check.  Rosie does not want any KOPS to lose their Status for these unnecessary mistakes.

We did have the workshop in Waltham on January 19. I was quite disappointed in not seeing a lot of people there. 9 people from the Waltham chapter, 4 from Billerica and 4 from Lexington. I had enough supplies made up for 100 people. Considering that same day, there were 80 people who went to the Bridgewater workshop. I would like to have another one in May on a Friday night. It would be a pajama party focusing on the benefits of sleep and maybe a lesson in line dancing. If you would consider hosting, please let me know.

The new lifestyle book is at the printer now.  There was a pre-order form in the Dec/Jan TOPS News that indicated that books will be shipped in February – late February to be exact. You can order online starting March 1, 2013.

Each chapter will be getting a coupon to order ONE FREE book for chapter use.  Chapters are welcome to use the pre-order form from page 10 of the Dec/Jan TOPS News to order their books now at a special discount.

I also have new flyers, brochures, and table tops from HQ that are available. If you would like some, please let me know and I will get them to you somehow.

NH Retreat- I think you already got my email regarding the November 3-8, 2013 in Swanzey, NH at the . Please pass this info along to your members.

Why not do a program on your heart?  Thursday, February 14th is Valentine’s Day. I always give out those little Valentine cards to my members.

Check out : There are plenty of materials you can discuss at your meetings regarding strokes, heart attacks, getting your heart healthy. You can also order materials up to 10 packets at a time for FREE.
Also check out the TOPS website for the “Self Care program”.

Kim Boucher               MA 82 Reading
Priscilla Williams         MA 354 Waltham
Georgia Jordan           MA 253 Billerica

formed    January 3, 1979        MA 299 Townsend     Maureen Jennings-leader
formed    February 28, 1963     MA 14 Wakefield-       Roberta Jenner-leader
formed    February 15, 1966     MA 82 Reading-         Lee Allen –leader & Area Captain

Hopefully everyone got the email about SRD. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me about anything. No question is stupid. Don’t forget the website for SRD forms & registrations: . Cost is : $99 per room and $50.00 per person for each registration.

Don’t forget elections the first week in March. Start asking members now if they would consider taking an office. New officers take office the week in April.

If you need me to help you for a special occasion such as Awards night, New KOPS ceremony, Milestone anniversary of chapter or member, just send me an email or call. I will be glad to attend or help you prepare for it. The awards night should not be done until you receive verification from Rosie. She will send back the resume along with the award certificates and the list of your division winners. Make it a special night.

See you lighter this year.

Diane Trayah
Middlesex AC
Phone: 978-657-6103
Cell: 978-551-1278
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