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SRD 2020

Run for the Roses TOPS Run for the Roses!


APRIL 17 AND 18th 2020


Update letter has been sent to chapters as well as order forms for pinettes and t-shirts(by email only).
Please pass this information along. Letter is available below as well (S).

The order form for t-shirts is available (R) below.

The order form for pinettes is available (Q) below.

The price of each pinette is $4.00 (NO TAX) (NO REFUNDS)
This form MUST be received with payment, no later than: March 18TH

We invite you to the starting gate in beautiful and exciting Woburn, MA There you will find KOPS inspiration and TOPS motivation as we honor the 2019 winners that have crossed the finish line.

Won’t you be among the first to reserve your seats in the grandstands? The race is over for 2019. We will be seeing the final results of the year-long race for the coveted TOPS Roses. Who reached the finish line, outdistancing all other contenders in Massachusetts in 2019? Who will celebrate in the winner’s circle? The results are exciting! We are at the starting gate for SRD 2019…and we’re off! Don’t miss the excitement.

Registrations are due by March 15th, 2020

Feel free to contact us with any questions at our contact information above.

A racehorse is not complete without a jockey and an SRD isn’t complete without you! Come to SRD for a great weekend of fun, fellowship and inspiration. See you there!
Reminder, activities are starting earlier this year on Friday; Schedule has not been finalized yet. KOPS Tea may start around 11:30.

We are looking for chapters to do a song or skit on Friday night. Let me know if you are interested.

Color Guard I’m trying to put together a Color Guard for the opening session at 7:00 pm on Friday evening, April 17,2020 Therefore, I am asking all chapters across Massachusetts if you have any Veterans that would be interested in being a part of this Color Guard. These Veterans can be either male or female uniforms are at the discretion of the participant (some have Military uniforms and some may not). We will accept any and all who would like to be a part of this honored group.

If Military uniforms are not worn, the appropriate dress will be suits for men and long skirts or dresses for the ladies.

Please get in touch with me as soon as possible

T-SHIRTS After the contest is judged a form will go out to order T-shirts there will be no shirts for purchase at SRD. We will send the forms out thru email. They will be on www.matops.com

Charms are being designed and they too are going to be preordered and picked up at SRD.
Order form will be with the T-shirt order form.

Hope to see you at the races!

TOPS HUGS, Terri & Dave Lavigne, Chairpersons
Judy Pettit, Coordinator
Download all the forms here:
A: 1st Letter B: 2nd Letter-Hotel Information
C: 3rd Letter - Forms Introduction D: Chapter Royalty/Century Form
E: KOPS Alumni F: Graduates/Reinstated
G: KOPS Tea H: Past Royalty
I: SRD Checklist J: Costume Parade 
K: Derby Parade L: Inspiration Workshop Contest 
M: Before and After N: Walk Sign-up 
O: Registration to Attend P: All forms in One Zip file
Q: Pinette Order Form R: T-shirt Order Form
S: Updates letter 3-9-20  
**Important: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view most of these documents. Please get the most recent Update of Adobe Reader here