2011 MA Division 1 2nd Place Female
Alyson Achorn

from MA 359 Worcester with a loss of 31.75#
I Joined TOPS at the age of 28, six months after completing chemotherapy for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

I found it to be a place that was very supportive of what I wanted to accomplish.  I also discovered that my success in weight-loss was not only helping me, but also motivating the rest of our chapter members which in turn keeps me motivated.

I have always thought of myself as one the least competitive people but I am starting to see that is not the case.  One thing that our chapter does that helps to keep me motivated is contests, and they are all different kinds of contests too!  Who doesn't like to win things?

I am also one of those people that hates the word diet, therefore I will tell you that I accomplished this weight-loss milestone without being on a diet!  I discovered something that was amazing for me, The Balanced Plate!  It is my life saver it has taught me to make my own healthy choices and still have a balanced “diet”.

I also follow what I consider my golden rule which is 80/20 80% healthy 20% treat, basically I can have whatever I want, I never deprive myself! I have also come to love exercising and have tried to bring that love to our chapter.  We started doing a little something at the beginning of each meeting and I have found it very motivating.

After losing this weight my life as already changed. I have more energy, happiness, a better outlook on life and I get to go clothes shopping a lot because mine keep becoming too big!

There is life after cancer and with the help of TOPS I am living proof!