2011 MA Division 4 1st Place Male
Jamie Goodwin

from MA 386 Whitinsville with a loss of 15.00#
A year ago, I went to my doctor and found I had high cholesterol.  The Dr. said I was obese and needed to exercise and lose weight.

I saw an ad in a local newspaper for TOPS; I went to a meeting and decided to join on November 8th 2011.  I couldn’t believe how much I weighed!

How I lost weight.  I got a membership at the gym and started with a half hour three times per week using the treadmill and exercise bike.  As it got easier, I increased to one hour a day five times per week.  I discovered I like Zumba and go every Friday night.

I watch how much fat, sugar and carbs are in my diet and I gave up meat to help with my cholesterol. TOPS helped me stay motivated and seeing the pounds come off every week was rewarding.

I have lost over thirty pounds now and am still losing one to two pounds per week.  I don’t look at it as dieting but as a healthy lifestyle change that I will continue.