2011 MA Division 9 1st Place Male
Steve Linsky

from MA 146 Gloucester with a loss of 77.00#
So, were to begin.  I've been big my whole life. In August of 2010, I went to a Lap band seminar at Brigham and Women’s hospital.  I had met a salesman that had it done with great results.

Around October, we started back to TOPS 146 Gloucester.  On Feb 24th 2011, I had the surgery.  It was the easiest procedure I've ever had!  Recovery was good and the weight started to come off.

I have set little goals such as fitting between the wall and a lift in my shop.  I was the only one who couldn't.  I now walk and go to a gym, things that probably would have caused a heart attack before.

I can shop in normal clothes stores instead of at Omar the Tentmaker’s.

I couldn't have done it without the support of my wife, family, and the great members of my tops chapter.