2011 MA Division 9 2nd Place Female
Grace Reppucci

from MA 447 Sturbridge with a loss of 52.00#
I joined TOPS in April of 2008 at a weight of 286.  I knew if I didn’t do something, I would go well over 300 lbs.  I had tried every weight loss program out there, YES even Nutri-System.

I found that I know what and how to eat; I just could not control the portions.  I’m not a compulsive eater, and I don’t eat when I’m stressed, maybe when I’m bored.

My first year in TOPS I lost 20 lbs., but my second year I gained 10 lbs and knew this was my previous history.  I’d do really well for some months but then back I’d go to back sliding.

My leader Connie Thompson had weight loss surgery in 2010 and lost 100 lbs. her first year.  She became my hero.

I do love the TOPS program cause there is no counting points etc., just good normal food and if you want a cookie – that’s OK cause we are just normal people who need a cookie once in a while.  With my gastric bypass I have learned to control my portions and hopefully my weight loss journey will continue.  Thank You to TOPS and I will be a member forever.  It keeps me responsible.